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For Xbox One X Chipset TDP158 TDP158RSBR TDP158RSBT QFN-40


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€ 9,95
TDP158 TDP158RSBR TDP158RSBT QFN-40 Chipset for Xbox One X
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The TDP158 device is an AC-Coupled HDMI signal to transition-minimized differential signal (TMDS) Redriver supporting digital video interface (DVI) 1.0 and high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) 1.4b and 2.0b output signals. The TDP158 supports four TMDS channels and Digital Display Control (DDC) interfaces. The TDP158 supports signaling rates up to 6 Gbps to allow for the highest resolutions of 4k2k60p 24 bits per pixel and up to WUXGA 16-bit color depth or 1080p with higher refresh rates. The TDP158 can be configured to support the HDMI2.0 standard. The TDP158 supports dual power supply rails of 1.1 V on VDD and 3.3 V on VCC for power reduction. Several methods of power management are implemented to reduce overall power consumption. TDP158 supports fixed receiver EQ gain using I 2C or pin strap to compensate for different lengths input cable or board traces.
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Price € 9,95
Brand Microsoft